A whole pizza

The First Slice

A Brief Introduction

My name is Eric Christian. I’ve gone by the handle of Raygoe, though, for almost twenty years. If you’re wondering how to say it, it’s pronounced RAY-go. I took the handle from an auto-generated name from the old Priston Tale NA Public Beta way back in 2002 or so. If you’ve known me longer than about fifteen years, I also at one point went by the name Flash and even sometimes RaygoeFlash. I prefer Ray these days, though.

I’m a software engineer by trade. Much of what I do on a day-to-day basis at work involves writing drivers for the Linux Kernel on an ARM/ARM64 SoC for custom hardware. I do occasionally get tasked with higher-level code, but I rarely get the pleasure of doing front-end development.

I’m married to a beautiful, charming woman who never fails to make me smile! We have many adventures, which I may detail here on occasion.

As a bit of background, in the time of this writing the world is still sheltering in place and social distancing because of COVID-19. In fact, I’ve personally been working from home for seven months. I’ve found that both productive and frustrating in equal measure.

Why A Blog?

For me, I’m naturally the kind of person who wants to write down my experiences. I find that’s a fairly easy way of keeping track of things I’ve tried before and steps I may need to take in the future. It’s like, inline documentation for my life.

However, if there’s one person to blame for this, I’d point you over to a friend of mine who has, remarkably, kept his personal blog going for many years.

My Friend’s Blog

Drakeor is Innocent!

Hi, I’m Drakeor! I mostly do software development and occasionally other interesting stuff. I started this blog as a personal journal back in 2011 it’s gone through multiple revisions since.


So, that’s a bit about me! Your first slice into my life.