Unreal Engine: Reloading Content Browser

So, if you’ve used Unreal Engine for C++ content, eventually you have probably gotten to the point where you wanted to move or delete one of your files from the filesystem. You’ve regenerated your files and noticed, “Oh no, it didn’t update under the Content Browser.” Now, if that kind of detail bothers you endlessly, I think I’ve got a solution.

This comes from a suggestion on Unreal Engine forum on using the Python Scripting API (experimental as of right now) in the editor and forcing a refresh through it

Getting the Python Editor in Unreal Engine 4.26

First, you have to install the Python Editor plugin. You will need to open your project in the Unreal Editor, and then click Edit -> Plugins. After that, search for “Python” and click the “Enabled” checkbox on the “Python Editor Script Plugin”.

The one in the middle.

Switching to the Python Console

After that, it will tell you it has to restart the editor. Go ahead and do that. When it loads again, you will need to open the Output Log window by clicking Window -> Developer Tools -> Output Log. Once that’s visible, click the button to the left of the input box and click “Python”.

Refresh the Content Browser with Python

After that, paste in the following command:


Once that runs, your Content Browser should be updated!